First getting the comedy itch

Since I can remember. I made a bunch if grown ups laugh and my arms itched with this kind of pure joy


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Related posts tagged 'First getting the comedy itch'

I wasn’t much taller than my daddy’s shin when I found I could break people up. A little dog wandered by and poo-pooed in our yard. I got up, ran to my grandmother, and slipped in the dog poop. It made Mama and the rest laugh. I was really onto something then. So I did it a second time. “Look at that boy! He’s crazy!” That was my first joke. All in poop. And I been covered in it ever since.
When I was a young boy, I studied high math because I was put way ahead in school. So I was doing college when I was 9 years old, I was very good at math, very shy. And then the professor of calculus said "the next theory we're going to learn if A, then A equals A." If A', then A equals A, and he said "what do you think the name of this theory is" and I said "is it the pointless theory?" And he was fantastic to work with.
I remember making fun of myself for being a commuter and having no friends and being alone all the time. [And] I didn’t bomb. I did okay, and I remember it was just like, This is what I’m doing now. Comedy is the only thing in my life I never had any doubt about. I obviously learned from a bunch of masters, but it always flowed into me. When you find what you’re supposed to do there’s not a lot of thinking. It just is. And if you love what you do, you transcend so much bullshit. My life was really unbalanced before. [How so?] I had found love in my job and I didn’t know how to do it in my personal life. I got to a pretty advanced age and comedy was a thousand miles down the road and every...
I didn't plan on getting into comedy, but in high school and grade school I was interested in comedy. I PLAYED CHRISTOPHER ROBIN IN WINNE THE POOH WHEN I WAS IN 3RD GRADE MOTHERFUCKERS. Decided comedy was a real option sophomore year of college. receSs was the crew.