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Deciding what to put in a special

I shot four shows and did about 90 minutes per show. The special is about 60 minutes long. I just kept compressing and changing it till it felt right. I probably fucked it up.


I was insanely excited for about 30 minutes, then self-doubt crept in and I started panicking, then I put my head down and got to work.
they all have things that don't land the way you expect them too which super frustrating, but what I always remember was shooting completely normal in 2013 in minneapolis and the crowd being absolute shit. I was so bummed about it because I was used to that material crushing at that point but i just had to accept it. but you realize later for a special it doesn't really matter how they react in the room - you want it to be good obviously, but what matters is the person at home. so you have to perform like you're not caring whether the audience in front of you is on board
That proposal interview is maybe my favorite moment from the special. I did that bit every night of the tour and they were always interesting, but some were definitely more memorable than others. I was definitely worried about getting a good one for the special. I had planned on coming out after the encore and maybe doing more proposal interviews, but wow, that couple was so amazing, I knew we had it. That was the first show I believe, and we filmed two shows that night. Maybe when I do the $5 release in 6 months, I'll add the other proposal story as an extra. I also have all of them recorded from the tour on audio and could release that as a free thing if I ever get some time. One favorite...
Oh yes. I didn't really want to have the audience showing at all because I always hate it when I see that when I'm watching standup. So I didn't want to show the audience. And I didn't want to go out on a big laugh, I wanted to go out on silence. Because I've always hated big pretend laughter, and shots of audience members laughing, so we did not light the audience. Although I still think they cut to them a couple times.
By far Steve Yeun. He plays Glenn from The Walking Dead. The day my special started streaming on Netflix, he tweeted out his followers, that they should watch it, that it was so funny, with a picture of the billboard on Melrose and I JUST ABOUT DIED. I think his character and how he's chosen to play it, has been such a milestone for Asian Americans without trying to be.