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Jokes he tells that audiences don't seem to get

We have a new episode of Comedians in Cars coming out with Jim Gaffigan, who I love, and in the episode I tell him about this joke I tried to do about, when you drop your dry cleaning off, you can go to any dry cleaner you want, but when you pick it up, you can only go to one. Which I always thought was very funny, but nobody gets it.


"If you're ever yelling at a woman, all you should be saying is, 'Why can't you be my mommy? Why are you NOT my mommy?'" Rarely gets a laugh.
they all have things that don't land the way you expect them too which super frustrating, but what I always remember was shooting completely normal in 2013 in minneapolis and the crowd being absolute shit. I was so bummed about it because I was used to that material crushing at that point but i just had to accept it. but you realize later for a special it doesn't really matter how they react in the room - you want it to be good obviously, but what matters is the person at home. so you have to perform like you're not caring whether the audience in front of you is on board