About Yuks

What is Yuks.co?

Yuks.co is a comedy portal (in the form of a website) that enables you to connect with your favorite comedians on a deeper level. Learn more about their creative processes, strangest fan encounters, childhood memories and more.

What's up with the name?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a yuk as slang for 'laugh' and gives the example 'did it just for yuks'. Mark Normand is also fond of punctuating his tweets with a reference to 'yuks' or 'yuk it up' etc. such as in his promotional tweet for his 2020 special 'Out to Lunch'. There's also a famous comedy club in Toronto, Canada called Yuk Yuk's.

Can I contribute?

We need all the help we can get! If you feel moved, you can submit a post for a comedian, or add more details to a comedian’s bio.

Self promotion?

We previously made a website for one of our favs, Harris Wittels. Would recommend checking out his work if you've never heard of him, he's one of the best.

We also run a site for people to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience who may have forgot about the podcast entirely since he moved to Spotify, called OG JRE. It has a Youtube-like vibe with a comment section, timestamps for each episode, and more.