Marc Maron

Stand-up comedian




September 27, 1963


Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City, NJ


57 years old


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A little about Marc

Cat dad

Marc speaks openly of his caring for numerous stray cats that he takes into his home. This has led to him to refer to his home, on the WTF Podcast, as the "Cat Ranch".

Drugs, alcohol and sobriety

He has spoken openly, both in his act and on his podcast, about his alcohol and drug abuse during the 1990s. Maron has been sober since August 9, 1999.

Relationship with Louis CK

Marc had a turbulent long-time friendship with fellow standup comic Louis CK but publicly disavowed CK after the November 2017 confirmation of CK's sexual misconduct, stating that CK had lied to him about the allegations in the past.

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Marc Maron


Approach to his podcast conversations

It’s a matter of easing into it and sacrificing the idea of “this is what I need to know by the end of this”. I’m doing interviews in an audio format - all the things you’re going to feel listening to that interview might not be about information per se, they’re about engagement. If people are caught up with what they want to ask and what they want to know, they can get detached from what’s happening in the present, because they want to get at something else. But if you let things unfold, and talk about nothing, that often leads to the bigger thing, and I’m like “Well, I didn’t need to talk about that, it just happened”. We just have a conversation. And the thing is, I’m not a journalist. I’...


Best advice was when I asked Paul Reiser, "How do you get started in comedy?" I asked him that when I was in college. He said, "Well. You've just got to do it."
Decide whether or not being hard on yourself is proactive or completely undermining.
I'd save my cats, because most records are replaceable. Though I do have an original pressing of Pink Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn that I'd probably grab.
I'm kind of a Barton Fink guy, though No Country For Old Men is right up there. Fargo is great, their tightest movie.
Any time I talk to someone who's been around for a long time, I feel my knowledge and understanding of life and the past become deeper.
The Beatles Second Album is one of the first records I ever had and I love that album. But I'm going to go with Abbey Road.
I listen to music, I play music, I cook.


I recommend the book Dreamland by Sam Quinones, but that's not going to get you out of anything. That's going to get you way in.
"If you're ever yelling at a woman, all you should be saying is, 'Why can't you be my mommy? Why are you NOT my mommy?'" Rarely gets a laugh.
I'd like to think I'd be a sous-chef on the way to becoming a chef, but I'd probably be working at a record store.
Peter Green, Jimmie Vaughan, Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Keith. Angus Young.
I liked how he said "Being late" when I asked him what he does that drives Michelle crazy.
In my heart, I didn't see anything else that I really wanted to do as much as comedy. So I gave myself no choice.
I listen to music, I play guitar, I exercise, spend time with my girlfriend, go look at art, watch movies. You know, regular stuff.