TJ Miller

Stand-up comedian



June 4, 1981


Denver, Colorado

Denver, CO


40 years old


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A little about TJ

College studies

In 2003, he graduated from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in psychology with a concentration in situation theory and social influence.

Brain damage and surgery

He had to undergo brain surgery for cerebral arteriovenous malformation on his right frontal lobe. The surgery entailed a 10 percent risk of fatality. Prior to the surgery, he stated that he became more philosophical, narrated his behaviors, and wa...

His version of nihilism

He considers himself a "positive nihilist".

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TJ Miller


Favorite books

Fragments of a Journal by Eugene Ionesco Nietzche (bio by Walter Kaufman is a great bible for Nietzche) Socrates (books about him and Plato's works) I'm reading a lot of psychology, some by Koestler I read comic theory, THE HUMOR CODE is a good read, as is Koestler's act of creation and I've been reading a lot of The Far Side and R. Crumb stuff too.


Fucking awesome. He is one of my best friends and the weird part is: We are very similar, and one of the things I admire most about him is how caring, kind, and nice he is. He really is one of the best guys I know, and would lay down on the tracks for any friend of his. I also think he is one of the few geniuses working today. He is one of the best writers, I am one of the worst, so I think we enjoy the difference in one another while still finding the other very very funny. He also accepts my lunacy, understands my madness and gives me room to do all five.
Steve Martin is the biggest influence, Nick Swardson, Ionesco, basically Brent Weinbach, Nick Vatterott, any and all the absurdists...
He is one of the greatest guys alive. I'm serious. He is one of my best friends. There is not a deeper, kinder, gentler mental giant than one pete holmes. I'm glad to know him.
I like him. I'm not sure he likes me. I think he is a genius, a gentleman, and a true absurdist. Now I respect Andy Kaufman, and there are parts of his philosophy that I even follow, but as a comedian, I didn't find him funny and found some of his stuff just self indulgent. Comedy is ultimately about the audience, not the comedian. So that is a very staunch stance to take, and one that probably makes me not as popular with certain comedians and them with me.
I was really worried they would ruin everything that I had built for doing comedy on a national level. I was worried it would look like I sold out and they weren't funny. But they worked. The directors were awesome, they offered me a lot of money, and the spots were really really well written. Then they let me improvise and write lines. It was really a more collaborative process than most movies I"ve been in. How weird is that? But I guess people liked them and that's all that matters. I've said the word "really" a lot in that answer and I'll own up to it. I'm really not ashamed of it.
A dude tried to punch me in the face on stage at the Atlanta Punchline after his heckling wife told the audience their infant son died six months earlier. Long story short. But it was pretty overwhelming. I got a standing ovation because of how I handled it, which still made me so sad I considered quitting comedy and parked outside a strip club I was too depressed to go into. wow. that's depressed.
Work harder than everyone around you. I can't remember if I gave myself this advice or it was gleamed from my family. But work ethic is god in the Miller family, we come from S.E. Kansas and Ohio, but the S.E. Kansas mentality of work above all else, second only to Family Above All Else (F.A.A.E.) is our credo and doctrine. Our Doctor is Alan Slammawitz.
I have this "Paul Is The King" joke that I love but never works. However, I think the best piece of material I have ever written in my "women are afraid of my because I know so much about giraffes." It's funny on so many levels I can't count them, because i'm not as tall as a giraffe, the tallest land mammal.
I would be a psychologist and not as happy or affecting to humanity. Sad face.
So many. Someone gave me a framed picture of a half frozen tomato with a hole in it. For reals. From the podcast.
They're one in the same my friend. One in the same. (dips feet in a bucket of fish, reads about what Kant Can and Kant do)
I just look goofy I think. I suppose I am good at making faces too. I study a lot how weird people's faces can be. And I just kept making weirder and weirder faces until I got an artillery of ones that you all think are funny. Second City and all my training I'm sure helped. I joke that all I do is make funny noises and weird noises for a living. But I'm serious. That's all I do. I'm not joking. I'm serious.
I can but I won't man. I'm too high and I got people to make laugh over here. Do it yourself or consider a rock garden. It's cheaper and easier on our mother earth, who is in a fight with our father earth right now. Something about hiding the eggs in places that are too easy to find.


I loved them. So much. I love Eric Andre. He is a lunatic too. One of the few legit ones. I missed his birthday and it is a major regret this year. He's a ton of fun. I called him before the show and said "I'm gonna do something really fucking crazy on the show. I'm not going to tell you what it is but I wanted to give you the heads up." He said "Okay cool, I'll go nuts too." I loved it. A lot. So I always welcome him in any situation to do whatever the fuck he wants. I've riffed against crazier things than he could ever bring to the table.
You never "make it." That is a mentality that guarantees you'll never be happy. If you are doing it in any capacity, especially for money no matter how much, you are making it, you have never "made it." Trust me. It's one of the many things I'm right about.
Hardwick is amazing. He is down to earth and cool and funny and has well coiffed hair. It's cool there. We sort of hang out and joke around and do makeup and then go on and try and get some laughs. It definitely does not feel like you are on tv. Which I like.
I didn't plan on getting into comedy, but in high school and grade school I was interested in comedy. I PLAYED CHRISTOPHER ROBIN IN WINNE THE POOH WHEN I WAS IN 3RD GRADE MOTHERFUCKERS. Decided comedy was a real option sophomore year of college. receSs was the crew.
The loss of CEW was fucking hard. I saw him with @rosepetalpistol at a place on the east side days before he passed away, his wife and beautiful daughter were there and we talked for 40 minutes about life, the show, and him. It was a huge blow to the show, he was the funniest person on it. So he's irreplaceable and I think that everyone felt that, and I felt worst for the writers and editors, seeing him over and over, writing him out of the show, the whole lot of it. But in the most disgusting and at the same time beautiful way, "the show must go on." I think that saying means something bigger than most people think. The show is the most important thing in many ways, because it is for the w...