Colin Jost


June 29, 1982


Staten Island, New York

Staten Island, NY


39 years old


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A little about Colin

Harvard grad

Colin attended Harvard University, where he majored in history and literature, with a focus on Russian literature and British literature and graduated cum laude in 2004.

Lucky son-of-a ...

He started dating actress Scarlett Johansson in 2017. They married in 2020.

Dorm-mate at Harvard

He was dorm-mates with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg while the two lived in Leverett House at Harvard.

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Colin Jost


Advice for aspiring comedians

Find other people who make you laugh and spend as much time with them as you can. They'll make you better and keep you motivated.


It's my favorite moment of the week. It's the one time I can stand in the studio and look around and think how grateful I am to work at SNL. This was one of my favorite performances of all time. And it was the first time Rihanna played this song anywhere:
One of my favorites of all time was my childhood hero Jim Carrey. One of my least favorites from a legal standpoint was Robert Blake.
The weirdest "compliment" I ever got was when a man came up to me on the street and said, "Oh my god you're famous right! Do you work for Microsoft??" I was like, "Did you think I was Bill Gates...?"
The craziest moment was walking out to do Weekend Update and my first joke was about the Patriots and Deflategate and the one person I passed walking to the desk was Robert Kraft. He was just hanging out and watching the show in our studio. I was like, "Hey.... Ear muffs?"
I never thought about "being" in comedy when I grew up because I didn't know it was a real job. But looking back, it's the only thing I ever really cared about.
It was pretty crazy. I already had a whole rhythm to my week as a writer, so it took a while to change it up and focus more on performing than on writing. Here's what helped a ton: Rob Klein and Bryan Tucker took over most of the Head Writer job and they're two of the funniest writers I've ever met. Rob and Bryan and I write a lot together for the show. Also Dennis McNicholas who used to be one of the head writers with Tina Fey and Adam McKay started producing WU last year and that was awesome. And our WU writers are the best and made our jobs a lot more fun: Pete Schultz (Leslie calls him "Franklin), Josh Patten (Leslie calls him "Clarence"), Katie Rich (Leslie calls her "Rachel"), and Mega...