Danny McBride


December 29, 1976


Statesboro, Georgia

Statesboro, GA


44 years old


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A little about Danny

Inspiration for some of his work

The inspiration for Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals arose, in part, from McBride’s own short-lived career as a substitute teacher. After several disappointing years in Hollywood, McBride moved back to Virginia and found himself having an existen...

Family man

He met his wife—Gia Ruiz, who worked with special-needs students at Los Angeles City College—at a 2002 Super Bowl party. They have two children—Declan and Ava.

Love of movies

He loved movies so much as a kid that he recorded audio from his favorites, like Mr. Mom, on cassettes so that he could listen to them on his Walkman. Upon meeting Mr. Mom himself, Michael Keaton, decades later, McBride told him about his bootleg cas...

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Danny McBride


What fatherly advice he'd take from Kenny Powers

Putting a kid in a hole to protect him from kidnappers has come in handy a few times. But for the most part I just think about doing exactly the opposite of whatever Kenny Powers would do and that pretty much gets the child rearing done.


We have a zero tolerance policy. If the kids or their parents aren't cool with what we do then they can't work on the show. Not trying to be dicks or anything, but we put it out there so we don't have to watch our mouths at all. You'd be surprised at how cool most people are.


One of the best times I've ever had making a movie. Kind of hard not to have fun with that crew. Anything Craig Robinson says makes me laugh. I think Channing Tatum is most like his character.
Nope. I'd be in to maybe coming to your college and doing a magician show. My illusionist skills are on point.
Halloween (2018)
Q: I just want to let you know, to the right crowd, Your Highness was an absolute success. Also, for some time, I used "I can feel it down in my plums" as a ringtone. A: Thank you, thank you. The right crowd is the only crowd I care about. The rest can suck it. Suck them plums. Thanks for watching.
It was a blast. First movie I ever did. Major memories: Danny McBride and I watching the Tyra Banks Show at lunch everyday and the stuntman breaking his leg for real in the opening scene!