Fred Armisen

SNL alumni



December 4, 1966


Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Hattiesburg, MS


54 years old


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A little about Fred

Are you following me?

He was high school classmate of fellow SNL alumnus Jim Breuer.

His Japanese-actually-Korean grandfather

For much of his life, Armisen thought his paternal grandfather was Japanese. However, his grandfather, Ehara Masami, was actually born in Ulsan, Korea, and had adopted a Japanese name and persona after the massacre of Koreans in 1923 when he was a hi...

I wanna be a rockstar

He attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan before dropping out to begin a career as a rock drummer.

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Fred Armisen


Inspiration for Peter's pasta addiction in Portlandia

Question: Peter and Nancy are my favorite characters on the show. What was the inspiration for Peter's pasta addiction and will they go anymore adventures like starting a B&B?? Answer: That came from a real dinner that Carrie and I had in Los Angeles. And we were looking at the menu, and we just thought "well obviously we can't order pasta, so I guess we have to order this." So we started talking about, why do we have to avoid pasta so much? So it was more that we were weighing the difference between the difference between enjoying life and really living, or ordering salmon.


90% improvised and about 10% scripted. we sort of write out a storyline, and then we do our own dialogue.
Be honest. When you get into work, address that you're late, don't pretend that you're not late, and whatever reason that you're late, admit what it was.
Mad TV. I auditioned for Mad TV and I didn't it. Although I'm not GLAD I didn't get it, but I auditioned for it and it just didn't happen.

Fred Armisen


Favorite music

Favorite music

Fred Armisen


Favorite music

Fred Armisen

Youth Lagoon, Harry Nilsson, Big Audio Dynamite, Liturgy
Pay To Cum Salad Days Rise Above Brick Wall Holiday In Cambodia
By accident. I started making tapes of me interviewing musicians.
Mad magazine, Benny Hill, SNL, my dad, George Carlin, Steve Martin, Martin Lawrence.