Iliza Shlesinger

Stand-up comedian




February 22, 1983


Manhattan, New York

Manhattan, NY


38 years old


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Girls only show lawsuit

In December 2017, it was reported the comedian was sued by a man who was denied admission to one of her girls-only shows. The initial complaint was dismissed and then refiled as a class action suit.

Last comic standing

She was the 2008 winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing.


She studied both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in high school.

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Iliza Shlesinger


Limits in comedy

Limits in comedy

Iliza Shlesinger


Limits in comedy

Iliza Shlesinger

I think your limits should ever evolve- there are certain things I am sensitive to being a woman, jewish and a few other things. I don't think rap jokes are funny- they are hacky- that being said, in my youth I'm sure I made a squirrel rape joke or something. Hard to decide absolutes for an every changing art


IT is for sure legit. Parallel thinking comes because most of us have similar experiences as humans. If you did a joke about what it's like to fuck a piece of bubble gum and go yak riding and someone else did it, then I'd say they were stealing. you have to look at the subject to really judge, it's a case by case basis. Also, we absorb stuff accidentally, which is why I don't watch a ton of comedy- never wanna steal on accident.
I think in the presence of a monster I get a little nervous, I think that's natural. To be humbled by someone who is "better" than you. I'm sure I make other comics nervous but all they have to do is say hi and be cool and I'll be cool. I should remember my own advice.
Honestly? A large part of it is genetics. I'm not gonna lie. People think I'm a health nut, I just don't pig out (often) I know they want a better answer, I've just always had strong legs. So... Drink water, always go to the gym and try... and...I don't know, clench your butt a lot?
I don't mind speaking my mind, some questions are important others are just lazy journalism. I admire many women but I think growing up I looked up to men because there were more men in comedy - I think my fearlessness comes from modeling myself after guys like Chris Farley or just male comedians.