Kevin Nealon

SNL alumni

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November 18, 1953


St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, MO


67 years old


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Wiretapping debacle

In the mid 2000s, Nealon had his phone tapped and his police records searched by Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano, who was later convicted of crimes including racketeering and illegal wiretapping. It was also revealed in a separate co...

Rugby days

In the 80s and 90s, he was a member of the Connecticut Yankees rugby football team.

Sprechen sie Deutsch

He became fluent in German while living abroad for four years as a child.

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Kevin Nealon


What it was like working with Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live

Farley offstage was everything you would expect him to be. Fun loving, reckless and often inappropriate. We had a thing -- If he was getting out of hand I would raise my eyebrows and he would respond with, "What? Take it down a notch?" Miss him.


Kevin Nealon


On Phil Hartman

On Phil Hartman

Kevin Nealon


On Phil Hartman

Kevin Nealon

A great talent. We used to call him 'the glue' because he kept all the sketches together. I think about him often. So many fav sketches with him. Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein...Mace...The olympian weight lifter...I'm sure I'm forgetting tons..
It was my first sketch I did on SNL. It was mind-boggling because you had two conversations going at the same time and it was SNL and it was live and oh, please don't remind me...
I liked that line that Tommy Lee Jones' character had in Lincoln. Someone knocked on his door and he yelled, "It opens!"
One of the few times I almost broke character is when Chris Farley got hung up on the Weekend Update letters behind us as he was supposed to be hoisted up on a cable and flown over the audience. Too funny!
What do you call that thing between an asshole and a dick? (A coffee table)
Behind the scene stories from SNL -- I particularly remember the Saturday that Steve Martin was hosting with Sting as musical guest. The fire alarms went off that afternoon and we all had to rush down the stairs and out into the street. We weren't allowed back into the building until right before the live show. We went on with no rehearsal. Quite exciting. (just smoke in the building).
I agree with Justin Kirk who played Andy on Weeds..."I don't feel things when they are happening." At the time I was fine with it and looking forward to moving on to other things in life but now I am becoming a little nostalgic for it. We would have begun taping Season 9 this week. I have certain years that were my favorite on that run. I think when any show runs that long you are going to have some years that are stronger than others. I ran into Chevy Chase once and he said that with SNL a lot of people don't remember this but only one out of two SNL shows in the original years were good.
Jerry Lewis movies...Stanley Myron Handleman, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Steve Martin, Andy Kaufman, Albert Brookes
Loved having the breasts on my head. The make up dept. really made them authentic. Filled with condoms full of water. Everyone wanted to feel them, guys and women. At the end of the day when they were removed no one cared about me. It was then I realized how powerful it was to have breasts!