Paul Rust


Comedy writer



April 12, 1981


Le Mars, Iowa

Le Mars, IA


40 years old


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A little about Paul

Crazy Paul

In his early improv days, Paul once got a little overly confident onstage when he stripped naked and took a dump before a live audience (as told on WTF with Marc Maron).


He struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder in his youth.

Don't Stop or We'll Die

He is the lead singer of the band Don't Stop or We'll Die with fellow comedian Michael Cassady. The band had Harris Wittels on drums until his death in 2015.

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Paul Rust


How he comes up with New No-Nos

Those New No-No's come from such a deep dark angry place within me that I can just access it on the spot. J/K!!! I usually search on the internet for gripes people have and then I'll write a few words on some paper and go from there. So definitely not off the dome. But it's fun to keep things open and loose though cuz Scott is so fun to goof around with


Our process is... we rarely ever start with lyrics... it often begins with us jamming (or jammin') on some riff and then we start singing a melody that fits the music... and whatever words come out that's 90% of what we go with. We got a rule that we can't revise lyrics cuz we think it's funny. DO YOU?!!!
I remember Harris was the first person WHO TOLD ME ABOUT REDDIT! He was explaining it to me in a backyard and saying "Yeah people talk about our band etc." and I was hooked. I think that's more how I remember Harris... not in big funny stories but in those small details that bring back a fond memory. R.I.P.
My journey hasn't been any darker than the average person. I grew up with a family who liked to be funny and made me a laugh a lot so I think that's why I like to goof. As for the "genuinely" thing... I do genuinely love all kinds of comedy. Remember those spoof movies around a decade ago that came out once a year for awhile? I'd go to them and laugh my head off and I had a friend who was like "But ironically right?" No! If I'm laughing, it's genuine and I don't question it. THIS IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FOR "DISASTER MOVIE."
I was credited as a STORY EDITOR but that's more of a title than an actual job description. I was in the writers' room pitching jokes and ideas for scripts. I got to work with some real-deal TV veteran writer geniuses who I learned a lot from. Oh! And in season 4 when Jeff Garlin sneaks through a second-story window, the group of people watching him from afar are all the writers in the writers room. THAT IS THE ONLY EASTER EGG THAT'S EVER EXISTED ON ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.
The audition process for Drake and Josh was very extensive. Three auditions and a screen test. I KID! I auditioned at the Nickelodeon Studios and like every actor's first onscreen role, I shared a scene with a watermelon lamp that my character built for a science fair.
The PROBLEM CHILD cartoon series looks like complete shit and I love it
I love commentary tracks!!! Some faves that I recommend... Alexander Payne for "Election"... David Fincher and Robert Towne for "Chinatown"... I've listened to both of them multiple times - mainly because they inspire and encourage creativity if that's your thing!
Before I did the "my creeeeepies" bit on Comedy Bang Bang, I did it onstage at UCB and it ate shit so hard. One would think I then wouldn't do it again on a podcast for a much larger audience but I couldn't resist!


I started playing bass in high school. I've played bass and sang in a few bands! Who were the LUCKY ONES that got to see...? Suzanne (1997-2000) - Le Mars, Iowa The Subordinates (2000-2001) - Iowa City, Iowa My Business Failed in Three Weeks (2001-2004) - Iowa City, Iowa Don't Stop or We'll Die - City of Dreams, California
I really loved "Cabin in the Woods" and "Hereditary"