Seth Rogen




April 15, 1982


Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, BC


39 years old


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A little about Seth

Karate kid

Seth was a student of karate for ten years.

Tourette syndrome

He has said on Twitter that he has mild Tourette syndrome, and that it runs in his family.

First draft of Superbad

At the age of 13, he co-wrote a rough draft of Superbad with childhood friend Evan Goldberg, whom he had met at Bar Mitzvah classes.

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Seth Rogen


Favorite album

Favorite album

Seth Rogen


Favorite album

Seth Rogen

Something by Led Zeppelin.


I love Spaceballs, The THree Amgios, the big lebowski
Bill Murray
Most of the characters in the Princes Bride.
I loved most of them but superbad, This is the end, and Sausage Party were awesome.
Up. Never cried that hard in my life. In front of so many friends and my wife and strangers.
I went on a weird bobsled down the side of the great wall of china.
Finish them! DOn't be the guy that writes half a script. Write a full script or make a film and post it! you have so many cool avenues these days! But no matter what, finish! Even if it's bad, then you have something finished to work off of and show others and get their thougths! Finish, then show others and take their precious free thougths!