Todd Glass

Stand-up comedian



December 16, 1964


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA


56 years old


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A little about Todd

Heart attack

On April 16, 2010, Glass collapsed backstage at a Los Angeles comedy club after suffering a heart attack. Medical testing showed that he had a 100% blockage in his arteries and following an angioplasty. Two years later on the Adam Corolla Show, he ...

High school stand-up

He started performing stand-up while attending Conestoga High School in 1982 in the Philly area.

Coming out on WTF podcast

Glass came out publicly as gay on January 16, 2012, during an episode of WTF with Marc Maron, which is one of the podcast's most famous episodes. The information had previously been known to friends and family, and Glass explained that he was worried...

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Todd Glass


Memories of Brody Stevens

One, the first time I met him he kept saying he was thinking about quitting comedy and playing baseball, and I thought he was joking. I know that doesn't read too funny, but...Now I'm paranoid like, Brody's looking down at me telling boring stories about him and being like "thanks Todd! hundreds and literally hundreds of stories, and THAt's what you choose to share with people. NOT me at my best."


What makes a great guest for me, is someone willing to completely be child like and bare their silly soul. And it's a bonus if they don't mind opening the show talking about some social issues.
That’s a hard one to answer, but living legends… Don Rickles. Present Eddie Pepitone.
There's not a topic in the world that can't be funny... as dark a some people might perceive it to be. But, but, but... that doesn't mean everyone attempt at talking about certain issues is well executed. I just try to make sure my comedy will be on the right side of history... In other words, I hope I'm making fun of the right people - only time will tell.

Todd Glass


Favorite jokes

Favorite jokes

Todd Glass


Favorite jokes

Todd Glass

There's so, so, so many. But Mitch Hedberg's... "I use to do drugs... I still do... but I use to, too." And while we're quoting Mitch Hedberg jokes here's another one... "I saw a sign that said escalator temporarily broke... shouldn't it have said escalator temporarily stairs."
It's something I seriously enjoy. In a way, "it's almost better than hanging out with my friends in real life," because you're being silly and having a good time... but you turn your cell phone off and are 100% committed to bits; without any outside interruptions.