Sam Morrill


August 29, 1986


Chelsea, New York

Chelsea, NY


34 years old


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A little about Sam

The acting gene

His father portrayed a drug dealer in an episode of the television show 21 Jump Street.

Role in Joker

He had a role in Joker as a stand-up comic.

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Sam Morrill


His writing process

I've been run ragged with press for the special lately, but when I'm home and in a routine, I make coffee, eggs, etc and try to write. Treat it like a job.


write everyday. Try to treat it like a job.
don't say the word networking around other comedians. Just go and hang and listen. Not enough comics listen.
too many to choose from. I love watching Nick Griffin. More people should know who he is. Mike Vecchione too.
in Spokane Comedy Club they have NBA Jam. Love that.


sometimes it's an old idea that I've tweaked, but these days they are at most 1-2 years old.
I started doing well in comedy competitions. That helped get me working.
I feel a bit rundown from all the podcasts. I didn't know this is what it would take. I prefer writing jokes. I like to perform stand-up.