Tom Segura

Stand-up comedian



April 16, 1979


Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, OH


42 years old


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A little about Tom


When he was 18, Segura overdosed on GHB and fell into a short coma.

Can't stay in one place

He is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and has lived across the US in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Vero Beach, Florida.

When he met his wife, Christina Pazsitzky

He met his wife Christina when he was 23 and she was 26, at the Cat Club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles California.

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Tom Segura


His comedic influences

eddie murphy, robyn harris, chris rock, carlin, dave attell, louie


I think any writing benefits you. I'm writing every day even though it's not necessarily stand up writing. Just sit down, try not to be distracted and write.
yeah i would say I'm not "on" most of the time. those comics are insufferable.
stop fuckin around. just get on stage. there's nothing else to do if you want to do stand up. you need to get on stage. figure that out and the rest will follow.
once I started working i was all in. it was terrifying at times but with any of the arts you have to go all in or there isn't a prayer it will work out for you.
ups and downs are all part of it. you have doubts all the time. bad, bad shows early on are rough on you, but there's a balance to it all. you just try not to get too down after a shit show or too high after a great show.
they all have things that don't land the way you expect them too which super frustrating, but what I always remember was shooting completely normal in 2013 in minneapolis and the crowd being absolute shit. I was so bummed about it because I was used to that material crushing at that point but i just had to accept it. but you realize later for a special it doesn't really matter how they react in the room - you want it to be good obviously, but what matters is the person at home. so you have to perform like you're not caring whether the audience in front of you is on board