Favorite movie

I guess my favorite movie ever is Planes, Trains and Automobiles, because it always makes me cry at the end.


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Related posts tagged 'Favorite movies'

1. The Third Man 2. Short Cuts 3. 12 Angry Men 4. Straw Dogs 5. Five Easy Pieces 6. The Killing 7. Rosemary’s Baby 8. Blow Out 9. Veronika Voss 10. The Big Chill
I loved Diner, Fast Times, Richard Pryor Live in Concert, Being There, Monty Python movies, The Jerk, all the SNL spin off movies and of course Harold and Maude. Say Anything. Beverly Hills Cop.
One thing I never get tired of is the film Burden of Dreams, which is the documentary by Les Blank about Werner Herzog trying to make a movie called Fitzcarraldo, which involves moving a steamship over a steep hill. That's the story they were dramatizing, and in an attempt to dramatize, Herzog wanted to actually move a steamship paddleboat over a hill, and he wanted to do it in the jungle the same way it was done in the script. It’s tense and fascinating because the film crew is in a terrible predicament, yet it’s fundamentally hilarious because it’s a predicament that they put themselves in. No one asked them to do this. I find a lot of life is bitching about having to do something like mov...
Too many to list. Just depends on what part of my life. When I was a kid it was war movies and westerns. Clint Eastwood. Was a big Lee Marvin fan. In the modern era, post-Goodfellas, I would say No Country For Old Men. I think that's a perfect movie and I was not confused by the ending. I think Javier Bardem's character was a ghost, he was chasing the past. "You never saw me..."
Favorite comedy movies: Naked Gun, Airplane, Caddyshack, Dumb and Dumber, MacGruber and most recently, Goon. Serious movies: King of New York, No Country for Old Men
Up. Never cried that hard in my life. In front of so many friends and my wife and strangers.
These are movies that, after seeing them, inspired me to go make…something, anything! Since I don’t know how old you are, you should know there’s some titles that are incredibly adult (Clockwork Orange, Enter the Void, Chopper, Come and See, Blue Velvet come to mind) so beware. But enjoy and be open; that’s how I like to approach a movie. And turn off you phone and don’t check your email, it affects the experience. 8 ½ Abigail’s Party Ace in the Hole Act of Killing Aguirre, The Wrath of God Airplane Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Alien (Scott) All About My Mother All that Jazz All the Presidents Men American Friend Amores Parros Apocalypto Apollo 13 Ashes and Diamonds Asphalt Jungle Awful Truth, T...
Call Me By Your Name. City Of Ghosts. Wonder Woman. The Post. Lost City of Z. Star Wars. Baby Driver. I'm missing some and haven't seen a lot....I"m still catching up....