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Favorite Mexican foods

Chilaquiles and mole when it's really mole. My Abuelita made a blend of Mexican and Hungarian food that has never been replicated in my life.


It's a tie between Fruit Loops and Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries
I like a milder cheese. You go deeper into the woods it becomes obnoxious. Like if cheese was a person it'd be a hipster. Avoid that cheese. Recently, the Cadillac! the king cheese! is parm or shredded mozzarella. It that cheese was a person it'd be like a good shit and it'd help you pack boxes and move.
My favorite breakfast food? I really just like a bowl of pineapple, to tell you the truth. I just like some fruit in the morning. Some pineapple and a side of bacon.
You know, there's a place not far from Warner Brothers, I think it was called the Godfather? And they made all kinds of sandwiches with smashed avocado and sprouts and stuff like that. And they really tasted good. And when you were having a bad day, I remember a particularly rough movie, you'd get sandwiches from this place. And they were very filling and very tasty, and then you'd forget about the morning.
I love peanut butter and diet coke. A scoop in the morning with a cold DC straight from the fridge is a real wake-up call.
CHEX. Chex Rice cereal. Yes, the most blandest cereal possible. I love cereal that tastes like cardboard. Yes, I know it's weird. My morning cereal is Chex, Almond Milk, and then I put in a bunch of berries - without fail!
About once a week, I like a slice of pizza, if it's good pizza. This is pretty good pizza. New York Pizza is the best. I like thin pizzas, crisp with a nice combination of cheese and tomato, I don't like all the extras. A food I HATE is eggs. I can't stand the look of them, the smell of them, I am anti-egg.