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On the excesses of nationalism

I have mixed feelings about everything including America which i think is normal and healthy. I tell you what really makes me sick is the phrase "american exceptionalism" the idea that we just start with the premise that we are better and so anything we do that benefits us is okay. I mean there's nothing more insane or inhuman than that. I am a huge fan of people. Most of them. And there are character traits that combine americans that I have enormous affection and love for. and there are things about americaNS and America that I don't like. I don't think it's a healthy attitude toward any group place or person to just love unconditionally to the exclusion of others without examining and try...


I watched the Bin Laden thing, and you know, there's what's called the "conspiracy nuts" and whatever, and the thing that gets me is that when there is one little question, that makes you go, "What?" That we don't galvanize and say, "No, no, no, you're not allowed to say anything else until we cover this. Give me a straight answer, because flushing Bin Laden down the ocean, like he's cocaine, from The Goodfellas, it doesn't prove anything." You know, somebody like (Sean) Hannity would make me sound like a complete idiot if I went on his show and went, "He flushed him down the fucking ocean!" But, it's just, you go, "There's nothing that makes you go, what?"


As a Baha'i I am not political. I believe that eventually we need to ban partisan politics and write in the best person for the job who may be too humble to seek the position. What would Elon Musk or Bill Gates be like as president?
It was a Sunday morning, and I was a young disc jockey in Miami Beach. Me and 3 friends of mine were going to drive up to Palm Beach, in 1958, we rolled up to Palm Beach in a convertible, I was driving, and it was a beautiful Sunday morning. And I was looking up, looking at all the beautiful homes, and suddenly I bumped into a car stopped at a red light. I was only going about 10 miles an hour. The guy in the car jumped out, walked over to me, and said "how could you hit me!? there's nobody on the road, it's a beautiful day, how could you hit me?!" and I said "I'm sorry, we were looking up, I apologize, do you want my license." And he said "no, I'm Senator Kennedy, I'm going to run for Presi...