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Make jokes personal

I nervously ran a bit by Louis CK and he said, “it’s a funny idea but who cares? Every bit is funnier if it’s personal. Make it more about you.”


Nick and I came up with Too Much Tuna in five seconds with Jessi Klein about ten years ago at a restaurant on 6th avenue called French Roast. We got a plate with too much tuna and we said "this is too much tuna."
We’ve always had a strange friendship, but I don’t think it was ever as icy as people thought it was publicly. We just almost never talked about it. Like, "Let’s just not. We’re just not gonna agree on certain shit, so let’s just not." It was a valuable friendship above and beyond whatever work we did together. He’s an important part of my life. So I don’t think that will ever really change.
I’m sure it was sincere. But it was artificially generated. The same thing happened to me. I can remember sitting next to Johnny Carson for the first time, and I’m thinking, Holy God, this is like looking at Abraham Lincoln. You’ve seen him forever on the $5 bill. And now all of a sudden he’s here. And that was too much for me. I’m not saying it happened in like measurement, but I understand the dynamic.
It was probably about 2009. I was getting a little bit of work in New York, but still day jobbing it, still nothing going for me. I was doing a comedy club and she happened to walk in on the one bit that worked. She came in the green room and said, “Hey, I like your vibe. I think we would work well together.” She was nobody at the time. I was like, “I’ll take any work I can get.” We took the train to Hofstra and had dinner with her mom. I was kissing her ass the whole time because she was a bigger comedian who was helping me out. We hit it off and she gave me a bunch of dates and that was it. We went all over the country. I watched her blow up, do TV shows, get on the Charlie Sheen roast, Co...
At the end of the day when Duncan and I sit down and have these podcasts it's just two comics trying to make sense of shit and bouncing ideas of each other and out to you folks. I try to emphasise things that I've found to be true in my own life, and things that have resonated with me, and Duncan does the same, but we're really just two stoned comedians shooting the shit. All of us, you folks included, everyone that is really pondering the mysteries of life - we're all doing the same shit. We're thinking, pondering, dissecting - and hopefully extracting something out of these conversations that we can hold onto, like some sort of a psychic shield protecting you from worthless thoughts. Dunca...
Pendleton is exactly the way you would hope him to be if you're a fan of his work. Imagine being some kind of potion vendor in a fantasy world and one day a famous powerful wizard sends you a message that says "I enjoy your potions!" Then imagine that wizard invites you into his tower of sorcery and for a couple of years you get to help him and his sorcerer friends cast powerful spells that you sort of imagined were possible but had never witnessed yourself. Add two of the cutest pug-dogs on earth to the creatures living in the tower and That's what it's like working with Pendleton Ward.
One, the first time I met him he kept saying he was thinking about quitting comedy and playing baseball, and I thought he was joking. I know that doesn't read too funny, but...Now I'm paranoid like, Brody's looking down at me telling boring stories about him and being like "thanks Todd! hundreds and literally hundreds of stories, and THAt's what you choose to share with people. NOT me at my best."
I remember Harris was the first person WHO TOLD ME ABOUT REDDIT! He was explaining it to me in a backyard and saying "Yeah people talk about our band etc." and I was hooked. I think that's more how I remember Harris... not in big funny stories but in those small details that bring back a fond memory. R.I.P.
I think comedians dating other comedians is great. But not if one is a hack and one is good. Or if they have a kid who's a hack.
Tina Fey had probably the biggest influence on me other than my parents. She's just not afraid. I loved watching her work cause she was so brave. I was really scared when I got to 30 Rock, she was like "I don't give a fuck. Be you. If it's funny, it's in the script." and And watching 30 Rock, there's so much Tina there that it made me see how I should start being me more too. Started putting out more music and started not being as afraid to be me. Tina is a true gangsta. She don't give a FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK. I put her against any chick in the game. EDIT: "Against ANYONE in the game." She'd destory anything. If she started rapping, I'd quit. I don't want that.
he always teaches me so much. i worry I'm a boring guest because I'm always just trying to soak in his knowledge and process it all. i made the mistake this last time of smoking weed before the show so i blacked out and don't remember anything. he's the best
Norm is awesome. I was a huge fan of his when I was growing up, and still am. He always supported my web show and is one of the great stand up comics ever. Go see him live if you ever get a chance.
Wow. There are so many Chris Farley stories to tell. I try not to overdo it, because they are very personal, but they are so funny, people should hear them. I just told one on Howard Stern this morning that was ridiculous. But I will say here's one: Me, Him and Adam Sandler were walking to dinner, during SNL, and this cute girl was getting in a cab, and we commented how pretty she was, so Chris ran over and climbed in the cab with her, and said "hey, you goin' downtown? Let's share a cab!" and she started yelling at him and kicking him. And he finally came back, and we said "Chris, if they don't know who you are, you are just a crazy fat guy trying to climb in a cab with them." And then we ...
Chris was always doing that bit to me at work. We shared an office, and you had to walk through our office to get to Chris Rock & Adam Sandler's office, so these 2 microscopic offices were back to back, and Chris' desk was behind mine, and he didn't really know how to write, or read, really (kidding!) but he would come in bored, because I would have to write my sketches to try to get on but they would always let him on, so he would get behind me and be bored, everyone would write him sketches, and he would say "Davey… turn around" and I said "if this is Fat Guy in a Little Coat I'm not turning around, it's not funny anymore." And he would say "no, i've got a whole new thing I'm doing." And ...
Well, I have to say, I think about him all the time. We had such a good time for so long, and we were crammed together for so long, that we did have our squabbles, but I think people misunderstood me not going to that funeral, it was nothing about that it was just too… emotional, and I wouldn't be able to handle it. But I still hear songs, of all things, I know it sounds stupid, but there are songs that I hear, and they remind me of him. And just different situations. And I see his brother Kevin a lot, and he reminds me of him, and makes me laugh, because the whole family has the same mannerisms in some ways. But overall, just good thoughts. And when I see other celebrities, they always have...