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How to stay positive after a divorce

Question: Hi Petey Pants! First, I wanted to say thank you for the amount of joy you bring to my existence. Nothing makes me laugh more than re-listening to you and Bert Kreisher belt out some Celine and Kesha. I actually signed my divorce papers this Friday and watching Crashing last night, well, it put everything into perspective. I just wanted to know how you stayed positive after the big D? Answer: that's a big one. you have to allow yourself to grieve and process that heartbreak. and it may be quick and it may be long. but allow it and love yourself through it. it's normal and you'll be okay. dive in. then, slowly you'll see that every moment is a new opportunity to start again. we ar...


You need to steal things at work. People are going to think I don’t mean them, but I do. This is addressed to you. If there are people you hate at work go into the break room, find their lunch in the refrigerator and put it in the freezer.
Well, we didn't part well. I was sort of ambitious thinking that I could hire someone that had the intelligence to do a job but didn't have necessarily speech or couldn't quite hear or spoke in sign language. She was a bright person and witty but she had never been away from her home before and even though I tried to accommodate more than I understood when I first hired her, she was very young in her emotional self and the emotional component of being away from her home was lacking. I tried my best, but I was working all day. She was lovely and very smart, but there's a lot of frustration when you meet people who can't speak well. Being completely disabled in that area causes a great amount ...
I think I only called him once, maybe twice. I called him when I was representing People for the Valdheimers Association. A society devoted to helping raise money to help older Germans who had forgotten everything before 1945. I remember him laughing and going "thank you."
Him being such a great friend to me at Juillard, literally feeding me because I don't think I literally had money for food or my student loan hadn't come in yet, and he would share his food with me. And then later after the accident, just seeing him beaming and just, seeing what he meant to so many people.
To keep things fresh, have sex in as many different places as you can. Role-playing is always fun. And you know what turns a girl on more than anything? Take out the trash sometimes!
Snoop Dogg is one of my main men. You don't have to smoke pot to be in his presence. I love him, he's bright, he's fun, he's a good father, and a good man. Snoop is my man.