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Qualities that helped him succeed

well I don't take things personally, I learn from failure and I don't give up.


In my heart, I didn't see anything else that I really wanted to do as much as comedy. So I gave myself no choice.
I just got lucky. This is how I talk, this is how I think, this is what I look like onstage. And it’s still like that for me: I gotta write stuff and then I gotta go onstage and I gotta say it.
It’s crazy. Seinfeld calls it the “kit.” You’ve got to have a podcast, a web series, a TV show, you’ve got to be on social media constantly with Snapchat, Instagram, and tweeting all the time. You can’t just have standup anymore. That’s not enough. It’s a lot.
Aside from being witty and engaging and easy to watch, the key is simple, it's someone who's exactly the way they are off camera as on camera. Triumph is an exception. He's a great broadcaster but much more engaging on camera than in the Duane Reade bag on my shelf.