Judd Apatow


December 6, 1967


Flushing, New York

Flushing, NY


53 years old


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A little about Judd

Cold calling his idols

In high school, Judd hosted a program called Comedy Club on the school's 125-watt radio station WKWZ which he created as a way to meet and learn from the comedians he looked up to. He cold-called comedians he admired during this time, managing to int...

The comedy wheel

He never fires writers and he keeps them on projects through all stages of productions, known colloquially as "the comedy wheel."

An uncommon vow

He once vowed to include a penis in every one of his movies. He explained his position as, "I like movies that are, you know, uplifting and hopeful...and I like filth!"

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Judd Apatow


What it was like working with Bill Burr on The King of Staten Island

Bill Burr is as funny as you would imagine, but he is also a very serious actor who was not afraid to show a kind, sweet, vulnerable side in the film. I think people will be blown away by his performance.


Jerry Salz has a great book called How To Be An Artist. Also The Artists Way is worth getting for sure.
Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Peter Sellers, Monty Python, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, & Jim Carrey
I love when something unexpected happens in a scene. Like in Trainwreck when Lebron reaches for his wallet and acted liked he didn't realize he forgot to bring it in the restaurant.
I loved Diner, Fast Times, Richard Pryor Live in Concert, Being There, Monty Python movies, The Jerk, all the SNL spin off movies and of course Harold and Maude. Say Anything. Beverly Hills Cop.
I like the very moment when you think of a great idea. I also like the first time you show an audience the film, but only if it works. That also can be the worst moment of your life.
The only movie I watch end to end over and over again is Walk Hard. It just makes me laugh and relaxes me. the rest I will watch pieces of when they are on cable. I have so many emotions tied to every scene it’s hard for me to be a normal audience to any of it. Except Dewey Cox. And Zohan. And Popstar. I guess the sillier ones draw me in.
this movie is funny and uplifting but it is also an honest look at grief and loss. I think we all relate. It is an uplifting film. I hope it males people feel less alone in their struggles.
It was! Bob and Dave both worked on The Ben Stiller Show and we were all so excited to come watch when they created Mr. Show, a true work of genius.