Tim Heidecker


Comedy writer


February 3, 1976


Allentown, Pennsylvania

Allentown, PA


45 years old


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A little about Tim

Stab survivor

He was stabbed in the back twice in 2006, trying to protect an elderly neighbor who was being attacked by her son, who was in the middle of a drug-induced psychotic break.

Philly days

Tim went to college at Temple University (where he would meet creative partner Eric Wareheim), and while he was living in the Philly area, he played in various indie rock bands.

Old Spice commercials

Heidecker and Wareheim directed a number of Old Spice commercials featuring Terry Crews, who is shirtless and does a (pardon my French) "titty dance."

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Tim Heidecker


If he feels boxed in by Tim Heidecker the Character

sure, i think it naturally boxes me in. One fun thing is to always try to working outside of boxes though... and i think people have gotten a little too concerened about things like genres and labels. I'm hoping this record is additive to my body of work and makes me a more interesting person to pay attention to.


musically it's Paul Simon, Warren Zevon, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Dylan... George Harrison... many more.
creatively you use all the same tools. you tend to steer towards people you like being around... you try to make it the best thing possible given your restraints... i guess framing it for people is the most challenging part
I'd like it [his musical album entitled "Fear of Death"] to be Number One and the MOST talked about thing of the day, the week, the year! That's the insanity of making things.
i think having kids and getting into my mid 40s and some minor health issues have focused my thinking on the subject of death a little more than when i was younger.
I'll let it all sort itself out... If I was a fan of mine, I'd hope that I would continue to offer work that surprises you, regardless of genre classification.