Favorite comic to bring on the road

Joey Diaz. No one consistently makes me laugh the way he does, and he just makes everything else around him funny. We always say that Joey "brings the party." That's really the best way to describe him. I fucking love that dude.


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Related posts tagged 'Favorite comedians'

Norm is awesome. I was a huge fan of his when I was growing up, and still am. He always supported my web show and is one of the great stand up comics ever. Go see him live if you ever get a chance.
Favorite standup comic of all time. (I hate the word favorite. It's too exclusive). But for one special, Sam Kinison was fucking perfect. One special. Then it went to his head and the rest of his career served as a warning to me on what to avoid. And then currently, I'll never miss the chance to watch a set from Bill Burr, Dave Attell, Rory Scovel and Kurt Metzger.
My favorite comedian of all-time is probably Richard Pryor. He's the most raw, he's the most honest, and he's the funniest.
Don't know. Maria Bamford is great. Tig Notaro. Laura Kightlinger. Kathy Griffin. Sarah Silverman. Jessica Kirson KILLS. Marina franklin can be inspired in moments. she's not a comedian but Mellissa mccarthy is hilarious. I know i'm leaving some out. Going back Joan Rivers. Carol Brunette Phillis Diller Lilly tomlin. Margaret Smith had great jokes. Rosanne had some great stuff. Moms Mabley. I used to open for Paula Poundstone who is a phenomenal performer. Joy Behar, used to work with her in clubs in new york. She was GREAT in the clubs. Um... There's a woman named Laura House who i don't think does standup anymore. Susie Essman. Lots of great women comedians. Lots of shitty ones. More shitt...
Ali Wong's entire Netflix special is my favorite joke. It's just so real and so funny and so perfect.
All time, Richard Pryor. That would be because he introduced me to a level of performance that was unlike anything I had seen or heard before. Specifically his albums. His voices and stories blew my mind. When I think about his bits, I think about his characters because I know what they all look like in my head. Because of him, whenever an artist like that comes along, I gravitate towards it. When Biggie Smalls's first album came out, I remember I felt like his music was like movies. There's a through-line to that level of genius in sports, movies, everything.
When people like Norm Macdonald, Will Ferrell, Martin Short, Charlene Yi, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, etc come on, it always makes me laugh.
some faves are amy sedaris, louis ck, erin whitehead/mary holland/stephanie allynne :)
I never have a good answer for this. Any joke by Dave Attel, Todd Glass or Mitch Hedberg probably. Also Paul F Tompkins joke about Fabio is way high up there.
Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, Patrice O'Neal, Maria Bamford, Sarah Silverman, Louis CK (he funded my special), Andy Kindler, many more who I'll think of later.
There are many people whose comedy I have enjoyed – Johnny Carson, Rodney Dangerfield, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld are some names that come to mind.
I love any comedian in front of me. Seriously, I am a big fan of comedians, in general- in LA, a young man named Vince Caldera is just great -coming out of Glassel Park, I love Vance Sanders- a comedian working in LA for 25 years who has run a show here for as many years and always has new, fresh topical material at his show BARK in Pasadena, a great show called GENTRIFICATION hosted by Danielle Perez in Highland park. Seriously, Google comedy and your zip code and you may find your next favorite comic!
Mitch Hedberg is my favorite comedian of all-time. I'm not saying he was the best of all time, but he was my favorite.