How being Baha'i has influenced his career

Baha'is believe that the way to be the most spiritual is to be of service! So I try to be of service in what I do. Sometimes I just really believe in the project - and want to play the character - but I believe that making great stories and entertainment is a very valuable service. Soulpancake, a for-profit company, is also a service - providing uplifting inspiring content that helps bring people together!


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Related posts tagged 'Spirituality'

the buddha said, when you're looking for water, don't dig six one foot wells, dig ONE six foot well. so, pick a practice and stick to it until it's time to shed it. i love Buddhism, Sufi, all that, but really my MAN is Ram Dass who calls himself a Christ Loving Hin-Jew!
I was about to interview him at the Open Your Heart In Paradise retreat in Hawaii in front of the entire retreat. We were back stage and he looked up at me and smiled and I said "I'm so nervous!!!" and he said "Me too!!!!!!!" and we laughed and it was just the best. I miss him so much!
A lot of people seek out spiritual travel-sites without any ties to a specific religion: When they’re in Israel and they’ll go to the Western Wall and feel so spiritual there; a month later they’re in Thailand and they’ll go to a Buddhist retreat. They just glom on for a minute and play pretend.
I always go back to something Ram Dass teaches "We work on ourselves so we can help the people closest to us." I've gone through various phases of trying to "save" my friends and my attempts have at the very least been annoying and at the worst created temporary rifts. People really feel it when you've gotten to the place where you can actually listen to them without wanting to change them and paradoxically that seems to be the space that folks transform within.
As a Baha'i I am not political. I believe that eventually we need to ban partisan politics and write in the best person for the job who may be too humble to seek the position. What would Elon Musk or Bill Gates be like as president?