Favorite comedians to watch (2020)

burr, swardson, attell, diaz


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Related posts tagged 'Favorite comedians'

Maria Bamford is my favorite comedian, but there are so many comedians pivoting during this time in ways that inspire me.
Favorite standup comic of all time. (I hate the word favorite. It's too exclusive). But for one special, Sam Kinison was fucking perfect. One special. Then it went to his head and the rest of his career served as a warning to me on what to avoid. And then currently, I'll never miss the chance to watch a set from Bill Burr, Dave Attell, Rory Scovel and Kurt Metzger.
I'd have to say Dave Chappelle. He's brilliant and fun to watch. Patrice O'neal was one of the best live acts I've seen. His crowd work was amazing.
I'm a big fan of Chris Morris. When I first began doing comedy a friend of mine introduced me to Brass Eye and I was blown away. It was so dense and visual. The pedophilia episode with the guy dressed as a school... oh man. So hilarious. He's definitely been an influence on the stuff I do. Among many others.
Ali Wong's entire Netflix special is my favorite joke. It's just so real and so funny and so perfect.
some faves are amy sedaris, louis ck, erin whitehead/mary holland/stephanie allynne :)
My favorite comedian of all-time is probably Richard Pryor. He's the most raw, he's the most honest, and he's the funniest.
Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dave Allen, and a couple of new boys heading towards that list like Louie CK and Doug Stanhope.
The Marx Brothers. I'd be really afraid to meet them because they're dead. Albert Brooks. He's not dead. I met some of Monty Python and only yelled at one of them.
Joey Diaz. No one consistently makes me laugh the way he does, and he just makes everything else around him funny. We always say that Joey "brings the party." That's really the best way to describe him. I fucking love that dude.
My favorite NEW comedian? I don't know how new he is, but every time I see Jim Gaffigan, I laugh and laugh. I love seeing him on TV, hearing him on comedy radio stations, guy just makes me laugh.
There's tons of those. Chaplain, George Burns, George Carlin, Joan Rivers... Believe it or not, the idea has been explored to do some kind of CGI effect, using footage of dead comedians to get them in the car, and then we would write dialog around it. It was a total disaster, but you're not the first person to think of it!
All time, Richard Pryor. That would be because he introduced me to a level of performance that was unlike anything I had seen or heard before. Specifically his albums. His voices and stories blew my mind. When I think about his bits, I think about his characters because I know what they all look like in my head. Because of him, whenever an artist like that comes along, I gravitate towards it. When Biggie Smalls's first album came out, I remember I felt like his music was like movies. There's a through-line to that level of genius in sports, movies, everything.