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On Betty White

Betty White is a huge fan of mine. No, I'm a huge fan of Betty White. I always get those two confused. I like it when she pretends she has a sex drive.


By far Steve Yeun. He plays Glenn from The Walking Dead. The day my special started streaming on Netflix, he tweeted out his followers, that they should watch it, that it was so funny, with a picture of the billboard on Melrose and I JUST ABOUT DIED. I think his character and how he's chosen to play it, has been such a milestone for Asian Americans without trying to be.
It certainly didn’t debunk the myth. He was super charming and nice but he still came across pretty cool and badass and on the wind. We finished and walked off and he shook my hand there on the stage and was like, “Pleasure doing business with you.” And then he was gone, like Keyser Söze. [Laughs.] He left and I was like, “There goes the motherfucking man.”
Sean Bean was great! Huge fan of Game of Thrones! So bummed Ned Stark got murdered! So happy to work with Ned Stark! He's the chillest person ever. He's like... just a normal British guy whom you can just shoot the shit with.
Snoop Dogg is one of my main men. You don't have to smoke pot to be in his presence. I love him, he's bright, he's fun, he's a good father, and a good man. Snoop is my man.
Um, I think most of my fans are strange, really? I met the second man on the moon - Buzz Aldrin - and he was laughing at my name, and I was laughing at his! But we're both fans of each other. That's pretty cool. And of course, when I met John Cleese, I almost threw myself at him! There was a time when I was on SNL that people were referring to me as "The American John Cleese" and I was always very flattered by that. But when I did meet him, it was terrific. We were about the same height, and we were both as annoyed as each other as we wanted to be.