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Favorite TV shows

Really enjoying Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I like Bill Maher. Other than that it's all baseball.


I have a lot of favorite episodes. The pothole, the marine biologist, the yadda yadda, the Soup Nazi, the contest.
This was the year that my wife and I discovered HGTV overall. It’s a great channel: They have all these shows that are located in some vague Canadian city and feature who people who refuse to understand that places can be renovated or even cleaned. Every time somebody walks into a house — which is a lot — they shoot the scene with horror music scored over it, and the couple is complaining that the place is dirty and there’s an outlet that doesn’t work. At which point someone will say, “You know, you’re with a contractor who will fully renovate the house, right?” It’s that journey every single time. Unless you’re watching House Hunters International, in which someone is just people trying to ...
Well, growing up, I loved "All in the Family" and I loved "CHEERS." I also loved "The Wire" and "Law & Order." There are SO many good current television shows happening too! I love "Broad City"! And I could watch "Judge Judy" every day, all day and all night, don't stop won't stop.
My favorite television series is probably 30 Rock but since that is gone, I will say Keeping up with the Kardashians. But only because it's the one show that I really keep up with because I don't have an attention span for TV anymore, and that show you don't have to pay attention to at all. I also LOVE Inside Amy Schumer.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show is my favorite sitcom. The characters were all perfect originals at the time, totally distinct and have been ripped off endlessly since. Lou (Ed Asner) and Phyllis (Cloris Leachman) are especially amazing
Ghost in the Shell. Akira. Blood: The Last Vampire. But mostly Ghost in the Shell.
Sean Bean was great! Huge fan of Game of Thrones! So bummed Ned Stark got murdered! So happy to work with Ned Stark! He's the chillest person ever. He's like... just a normal British guy whom you can just shoot the shit with.
The Twilight Zone, All In The Family, Star Trek of course, The Larry Sanders Show was always a favorite